When I was a schoolboy in the mid80s, for a brief period the highlight of my week was The Street Scene, a short lived dance music magazine published by Morgan Khan and edited by Damon Rochefort (who went on to have a career writing episodes of Coronation Street).

From issue 7, the highlight of the highlight was the Wicked Pulse column written by DJ Steve Rumney, which included lists of obscure funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and other tunes. Every tune went straight onto my wants list and I spent the next few years collecting as many as I could. Some I never found but I had a pretty good go at it.

Whilst clearing out my cellar I found my Street Scene collection so thought it was time to get these Wicked Pulse columns up on the web. I’ll add them over the next few weeks starting with the first column, from Street Scene Vol 1 No 7, cover date 14th December 1985.

But I wonder if he really did sent out special books?