I have contacted support about our Facebook Ads account which has been used fradulently, racking up 20x our daily budget per day. The process went as follows:

  • Search Facebook for several hours to find somewhere to submit an Ads related support ticket
  • Submit a support ticket to any of the departments as none of them are relevant to your enquiry but it’s all that can be done
  • Facebook reply instantly telling you the ticket has been closed and tellingyou to type “Re-Open case” to reopen the ticket. This is presumably a great way to close a large percentage of tickets without even taking a cursory looking at fraudulent activity. A real case of Facebook Slopey Shoulders. I don’t know what happens if you reply “ReOpen case” without the hyphen, but I suspect that will not be enough to Re-Open the case either.
  • Facebook send a link to a form and close the case. The case cannot be reopened this time.
  • The form cannot be submitted because access to the ad account has been lost and the ad account is a required field
  • Click the link that says “If you are unable to submit this form”. This takes you back to the beginning and you have to start the process again.

For the record, I submitted the original support ticket at 16:36 yesterday and received the reply at 01:27 today – a wait of around 9 hours to receive the form that I cannot submit.

Transcripts of chat below.