I work all day everyday on the internet and have done on one way or another since the late 90s. I deal with Social Media, Payment Gateways, Account integrations, website builds etc. etc. I know my way around this space pretty well. But even I’m finding the fallout of my Facebook hack difficult to navigate. Having just lost my paypal appeal (which I hadn’t disputed), I’ve now received two emails telling me the case has been closed in my favour


This is good news of course, but makes for an environment that is hard to understand and unpredictable.

What is causing tech giants to produce systems that operate in such an inconsistent and seemingly arbitrary way? Poor documentation, poor user feedback, lack of contact information and multiple inconsistencies compound my feeling that these are poor platforms to build businesses upon.

My first job is to migrate my website contact forms away from Facebook messenger and move onto a chat system that cannot shut down communication on a whim.