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Substantial Meals did not work


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Jack T Chick – The Last Call, 1963

I always love finding copies of Chick Tracts lying around, those brilliantly deranged small American evangelical comics full of Hellfire for Sinners, Jews and especially Catholics. If they weren’t so ABSOLUTELY NUTS they could possibly be offensive, but as it is, they are just so crackers as to be works of unintentional comedy.

I was lucky enough on Saturday to find a 1963 first edition copy of The Last Call for £1, a much larger than usual 64 pages of sinners (especially Catholics) being thrown into the Hellfire.

Here’s the Opening chapter. Look out for firing squad in the last frame.






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The Look Around You Works of Shakespeare

A handy quick reference to the complete works of Shakespeare

  • The Noble Naysayer
  • Rupert II
  • The Whore and the Harriman
  • The Weary Wives of Warwick
  • O’Reilly
  • The House At Bunplehurst
  • Rupert III
  • Cocnumis & Grognumis
  • T’was a Merry Morn in Malta
  • Tit For Tat
  • Ian I
  • Ian II
  • Ian III Part I
  • Ian III Part II
  • Ian III Part III
  • Razzmatazz
  • Bessie’s Revenge
  • Rupert IV
  • David’s Diary
  • Knock Knock
  • Catherine & Casanova
  • Rupert V
  • Harlem Blues
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A New Yeares Guift for Shrews c.1620


Who marieth a Wife uppon a Moneday,
If she will not be good uppon a Tewesday,
Lett him go to the wood uppon a Wensday,
And cutt him a cudgel uppon the Thursday,
And pay her soundly uppon a Fryday,
And she mend not ye Divil take her a Saterday,
Then may he eate his meate in peace on the Sonday

Published c.1620, Edward Lee

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Happy Birthday To You – Full Version

Words to the little known and rarely performed full version of “Happy Birthday To You”.

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear {name}
Happy Birthday To You

Birthdays are a time for celebration
A time when all around you is good cheer
So please all raise your glass
And hearty may you laugh
And toast this merry fellow that is here

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear {name}
Happy Birthday To You

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Delicious Treat for the Kids, 1982


From 200 Money Saving Hints, 1982

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Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhymes


Probably Edwardian
Published by D.L.M.S., 3 Welbeck Street, London W1

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Wedding Photos

In April 2011 I got married to Claire, and our awesome photos were taken by John Miles, since relocated to New Zealand. John did an amazing job at a reasonable price, so I was a bit pissed off when I found out our photos were being used by “Diverse Image Photography” within their portfolio, claiming that they themselves had taken our wedding photos – see screenshot.Portfolio   WWW.DIVERSEIMAGEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM. I contacted John Murray and asked him to remove my wedding images from his webpage, which he agreed to do. John may well be a decent enough photographer – I don’t know either way – but be warned that his portfolio may not be what it seems, so make sure you double check before booking them for your special day.

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“My Alma Martyr (sic)” by Philip Mayne

No hallowed halls, no leafy ways
No cloistered strolls no verdant fields
Just concrete paths and freezing rain
With a long walk there, then back again
And, late each day, I’d get the cane
From teachers freshly back from slaying

The men who’d just laid down their guns
And sour old hags who’d lost their sons
No valid teaching was the rule
Instead to keep us well subdued
A sacred doctrine merged with sums
Enforced our righteous servitude

No witty, bright and in touch tutors
Who’d bit off more than they could chew
But one-eyed, half-arsed over-reachers
Who snarled and spat religious speeches
And relied upon the power of stick
To get them through their daily trick

Just drunken priests and hoary nuns
Who practiced hate while preaching love
And taught us fun could not be good.
Those hypocrites with fading sight
Who warned us of the consequence,
Of practicing to masturbate

No pleasant strolls, no witty chats
Just get it right and get a pat
Or get it wrong and test your fate
In that daily fight to obviate
The awful numbness of the bum
And the wretched boring tedium

No memories of joyful times
Just messages from moaning drones
And dreadful loathsome dreary days
When disenchantment was the norm
And everything I ever learned
Was what I taught myself

(c) P F Mayne