There is only one golden rule:
The ONLY thing that gets people into events is other people. If you already have people coming, other people will come. As far as nightclub events go, this is the ONLY rule that matters. I promise you.

Other rules:

  • As a promoter, your job is to convince people that other people are already coming. That’s the only thing that matters. See the golden rule. If you try to convince people of the merit of the event, you are wasting your time. See the golden rule.
  • People may tell you the golden rule is wrong, and they may cite examples. They are wrong. The golden rule is the ONLY way you get people into nightclubs.
  • The golden rule is a secret that other promoters don’t want you to know about. Ignore it at your peril.

Here’s a few other lesser rules:

  • Get people talking about it on Facebook. Mention it over and over again. And then mention it again and then some more. Get your friends doing the same. People will only come to your event if they think other people are going. See the golden rule above.
  • Promote narrow and deep – i.e. choose who you are promoting to and hammer them again and again and again. This is WAY more effective then trying to blanket cover lots of people.
  • If you are giving out flyers – or particularly if you are paying people to do so – only give one flyer at a time. Flyers are expensive.
  • Don’t give well meaning people flyers to hand out on your behalf. They won’t do it, I *guarantee* it, and flyers are expensive.
  • Noone will come to your event from seeing a flyer. Flyers will only reinforce the golden rule above.
  • Put posters up if you want but noone will come to your event from seeing a poster. Posters will only reinforce the golden rule above.Posters are expensive.

If you follow the golden rule, you have a chance of success. If you don’t, you have virtually no chance of success. Concentrate on the golden rule. When you realise how easy it is (people follow people), you may have a career as a club promoter, and you may earn lots of money for little work (the first time you fill a club, the golden rule has been fulfilled, you then just need to maintain it) – at which point you can give me a credit on your website.

Here’s the “How many people are coming to my event” Forumla:

  • If they say they aren’t coming, they aren’t coming
  • If they say they might be coming, they aren’t coming
  • If they say they are coming, they aren’t coming
  • If they say they are definitely coming, there’s a 1/10 chance they will come.

Good luck