Vi Commands

My vi cheat sheet…

vi is – sort of – my editor of choice, but I tend to use it spasmodically, moving over to a graphical editor and then coming back from time to time.  As such, by the time I’ve mastered the finer commands, I’ve forgotten them again, so I keep a cheat sheet in the back of my notebook which I occasionally lose.  So – I’ll update this as and when…It’s for me, not you, so don’t complain that it’s a bit lacking…

h, j, k, l Left, Down, Up, Right
w, b Forward, Backwards by word
0 Move to Beginning of Line
e End of word
Status Line Commands
/ Search Forward
? Search Backwards
:[command] Run shell command
J Join Lines
YY Yank current line (copy to clipboard)
P Put (or paste) before the position or line
p Put (or paste) after the position or line