Welcome to Christian Mayne’s Website, which is a collection of links and pages relevant to life and work.

I’m a web developer and online consultant through my business Watch The Dot. I have a large, regular client base and provide web, hosting and domain consultancy across many sectors from National Charities through to Personal Services. I am able to offer cheap web hosting and domain names nationwide, whether a consultancy client or not. If I can help you in anyway, do feel free to get in touch.

I also run a number of online businesses, amongst others:

  • Past on Paper, a Website connecting genealogists and local historians with antique Family Bibles, photos and other items. I’m always happy to hear from anyone with similar interests.
  • Ceilidh Network, a website for ceilidh bands, ceilidh musicians, ceilidh dances and ceilidh bookings

This site is just a dumping ground for thoughts, comments, photos and other stuff that I want to organise in my own way.

You can get in touch through the contact form in the menu above

1 reply on “Home”

Hello my dear
No idea how this Linked-In thing works but your name appeared in a recent email from them. But how wonderful to be able to contact you! I notice that you don’t mention piano in your list of instruments played! Did you give up? Are you still in Cambridge? I’m living in Beverley in East Yorkshire – a single Mum with an amazing 5 year old boy called Adam. I’m teaching piano and French and doing freelance admin and somehow just about making ends meet, Anyway do get in touch when you have a moment. Your webside looks fantastic by the way.
All best