Stephenson, Elizabeth

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown


Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 22 October 1841

At a petty sessions, held on Wednesday last, before the Holland magistrates


Elizabeth the wife of Aquilla Sharp, of Fishtoft, gardener, was convicted of an assault upon Susannah the wife of James Orrey, of Freiston, laborer, and fined 145., including costs. Wisbech.

Boston Police Report

Boston Guardian - Saturday 25 April 1863

Friday . before Mayor. J. Beverley, E. Coupland, and J Sharp Esqs.

Martha Ann Whiting, wife Mr Whiting, solicitor, was charged by Emma Sharp, her domestic servant, with assaulting her. The girl said that on Wednesday afternoon she was going upstairs with her boots, and her mistress declared she should not go up, and pushed her against the wall with great violence, scraping the skin off her knuckles, and afterwards struck her on the back. Mrs Whiting then took up a clothes line and was about to strike her with it, when she stood in her own defence, and battle ensued. She fetched her mother, and showed her hand, which was then bleeding. Her mistress struck her again in her mother’s presence.

Mr Whiting cross examined the girl some length, but was unable shake her testimony in slightest

Elizabeth Sharp, mother of the complainant, said my daughter came Wednesday afternoon with her hand all bleeding, and I returned with her to Mrs. Whiting’s house. On entering I saw Mrs Whiting. My daughter’s clothes were thrown in the yard. Mrs Whiting said “You need not bring your mother here” and she rushed up to my daughter and struck her again and pushed her against me, and said that she would strike too.

Cross-examined: Mrs Whiting came to me with her fists doubled like a man.

In defence, Mr. Whiting said that he had during the past week expended considerable sum of money in cleaning and papering his house, and the girl would insist upon going up stairs in her dirty boots and clogs. Mrs Whiting said she should not do so, and pushed her away from the steps, and never struck her. The girl then went and fetched her mother who came in furious state, and doubled her fists in his wife’s face, and terrified her exceedingly. He ought to have been the complaining party, for his wife had received great provocation from them. He should call his wife who would relate the provocation she had received.

The Bench said that Mrs. Whiting’s evidence could not be received.

The Magistrates after consulting together said, that the girl had sworn that she had been assaulted, and her evidence had been corroborated by her mother, and they were bound to convict. They should, therefore, inflict fine 5s and costs.

Mr. Whiting applied for summons against the girl and her mother for assaulting his wife, but after consultation with the bench did not press the application.

Sessions House, July 25

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Saturday 28 July 1866

Before the Revs. J. Tunnard, chairman, B. Beridge, H. T. Fletcher, and C. Avery Moore, and T. Garfit. Esq.)

Elizabeth Sharpe, wife of Aquilla Sharpe, of Skirbeck, gardener, was convicted assault upon Elizabeth Fyson, wife of Hardy Fyson, cordwainer. Mr. York appeared for complainant. Fined 18s 6d, including costs.